Visuddhimagga VIII-85

Manuññepi hi yāgupatte vā bhattapatte vā kesavaṇṇaṃ kiñci disvā kesamissakamidaṃ haratha nanti jigucchanti.


Ñ(VIII,85): For on seeing the colour of a head hair in a bowl of inviting rice gruel or cooked rice, people are disgusted and say, 'This has got hairs in it. Take it away'.

Evaṃ kesā vaṇṇato paṭikkūlā.


Ñ: So they are repulsive in colour.

Rattiṃ bhuñjantāpi kesasaṇṭhānaṃ akkavākaṃ vā makacivākaṃ vā chupitvāpi tatheva jigucchanti.


Ñ: Also when people are eating at night, they are likewise disgusted by the mere sensation of a hair-shaped akka-bark or makaci-bark fibre.

Evaṃ saṇṭhānato paṭikkūlā.


Ñ: So they are repulsive in shape.

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