Visuddhimagga VIII-98

Disato dvīsu disāsu jātaṃ.


Ñ(VIII,98): As to direction, it lies in both directions.

Okāsato vīsādhikāni tīṇi aṭṭhisatāni anulimpitvā ṭhitaṃ.

「处所」──包住三百多骨。[PTS 253]

Ñ: As to location, it is plastered over the three hundred and odd bones. [253]

Paricchedato heṭṭhā aṭṭhisaṅghāte patiṭṭhitatalena,


Ñ: As to delimitation, it is bounded below by its surface, which is fixed on to the collection of bones,

upari tacena,


Ñ: and above by the skin,

tiriyaṃ aññamaññena paricchinnaṃ,


Ñ: and all round each by each other piece.

ayamassa sabhāgaparicchedo.


Ñ: … (This is the delimitation by the similar.)

Visabhāgaparicchedo pana kesasadisoyeva.


Ñ: (But their delimitation by the dissimilar is like that for the head hairs.)

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