Visuddhimagga VIII-146

So pana yasmā pāḷivaṇṇanānusāreneva vuccamāno sabbākāraparipūro hoti.


Ñ(VIII,146): The description [of development] is complete in all respects, however, only if it is given in due course after a commentary on the text.

Tasmā ayamettha pāḷivaṇṇanāpubbaṅgamo niddeso.


Ñ: So it is given here (§186) introduced by a commentary on the [first part of the] text.

216. Kathaṃ bhāvito ca, bhikkhave, ānāpānassati samādhīti ettha tāva kathanti ānāpānassatisamādhibhāvanaṃ nānappakārato vitthāretukamyatāpucchā.


[Word Commentary]

Ñ: And how developed, bhikkhus, how practised much, is concentration through mindfulness of breathing: here in the first place how is a question showing desire to explain in detail the development of concentration through mindfulness of breathing in its various forms.

Bhāvito ca bhikkhave ānāpānassatisamādhīti nānappakārato vitthāretukamyatāya puṭṭhadhammanidassanaṃ.


Ñ: Developed, bhikkhus, … is concentration through mindfulness of breathing: this shows the thing that is being asked about out of desire to explain it in its various forms.

Kathaṃ bahulīkato…pe… vūpasametīti etthāpi eseva nayo.


Ñ: How practised much … as soon as they arise?: here too the same explanation applies.

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