Visuddhimagga I-128

Imesu paribhogesu sāmiparibhogo ca dāyajjaparibhogo ca sabbesaṃ vaṭṭati.


Ñ(I,128): As regards these kinds of use, use as a master and use as an inheritance are allowable for all.

Iṇaparibhogo na vaṭṭati.


Ñ: Use as a debt is not allowable,

Theyyaparibhoge kathāyeva natthi.


Ñ: to say nothing of use as theft.

Yo panāyaṃ sīlavato paccavekkhitaparibhogo, so iṇaparibhogassa paccanīkattā āṇaṇyaparibhogo vā hoti, dāyajjaparibhogeyeva vā saṅgahaṃ gacchati.


Ñ: But this use of what is reviewed by one who is virtuous is use freed from debt because it is the opposite of use as a debt or is included in use as an inheritance too.

Sīlavāpi hi imāya sikkhāya samannāgatattā sekkhotveva saṅkhyaṃ gacchati.


Ñ: For one possessed of virtue is called a trainer too because of possessing this training.

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