Visuddhimagga I-133

Tathā hi so āyasmā –

‘‘Dhanaṃ caje aṅgavarassa hetu, aṅgaṃ caje jīvitaṃ rakkhamāno;

Aṅgaṃ dhanaṃ jīvitañcāpi sabbaṃ, caje naro dhammamanussaranto’’ti. –






Ñ(I,133): For that venerable one never abandoned the following good man's recollection:

'Wealth for a sound limb's sake should be renounced, And one who guards his life gives up his limbs; And wealth and limbs and life, each one of these, A man gives up who practises the Dhamma'.

Imaṃ sappurisānussatiṃ avijahanto jīvitasaṃsayepi sikkhāpadaṃ avītikkamma tadeva apariyantapārisuddhisīlaṃ nissāya upāsakassa piṭṭhigatova arahattaṃ pāpuṇi.


Ñ: And he never transgressed a training precept even when his life was in the balance, and in this way he reached Arahantship with that same virtue of unlimited purification as his support while he was being carried on a lay devotee's back.

Yathāha –

‘‘Na pitā napi te mātā, na ñāti napi bandhavo;

Karotetādisaṃ kiccaṃ, sīlavantassa kāraṇā.

Saṃvegaṃ janayitvāna, sammasitvāna yoniso;

Tassa piṭṭhigato santo, arahattaṃ apāpuṇī’’ti.






Ñ: According as it is said:

'Nor your mother nor your father

Nor your relatives and kin

Have done as much as this for you

Because you are possessed of virtue'.

So, stirred with urgency, and wisely

Comprehending with insight,

While carried on his helper's back

He reached the goal of Arahantship.

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