Visuddhimagga I-87

Ḍaṃsamakasavātātapasarīsapasamphassānanti ettha pana ḍaṃsāti ḍaṃsanamakkhikā, andhamakkhikātipi vuccanti. Makasā makasā eva. Vātāti sarajaarajādibhedā.

「虻蚊风炎爬行类之触」。这里的「虻」是啮蝇[niè yíng]和盲蝇。「蚊」即蚊子。「风」是有尘及无尘等类的风。

Ñ(I,87): From contact with gadflies and flies, wind and burning and creeping things: here gadflies are flies that bite; they are also called 'blind flies'. Flies are just flies. Wind is distinguished as that with dust and that without dust.

Ātapoti sūriyātapo.


Ñ: Burning is burning of the sun.

Sarīsapāti ye keci sarantā gacchanti dīghajātikā sappādayo,

「爬行类」即蛇等匍匐[pú fú]而行的长虫。

Ñ: Creeping things are any long creatures such as snakes and so on that move by crawling.

tesaṃ daṭṭhasamphasso ca phuṭṭhasamphasso cāti duvidho samphasso,


Ñ: Contact with them is of two kinds: contact by being bitten and contact by being touched.

sopi cīvaraṃ pārupitvā nisinnaṃ na bādhati, tasmā tādisesu ṭhānesu tesaṃ paṭighātatthāya paṭisevati.


Ñ: And that does not worry him who sits with a robe on. So he uses it for the purpose of protection from such things.

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