Visuddhimagga II-20

Ayaṃ pana pabhedo, tayo paṃsukūlikā ukkaṭṭho majjhimo mudūti. Tattha sosānikaṃyeva gaṇhanto ukkaṭṭho hoti. Pabbajitā gaṇhissantīti ṭhapitakaṃ gaṇhanto majjhimo. Pādamūle ṭhapetvā dinnakaṃ gaṇhanto mudūti.


Ñ(II,20): The grades are these. There are three kinds of refuse-rag wearers: the strict, the medium, and the mild. Herein, one who takes it only from a charnel ground is strict. One who takes one left [by someone, thinking] 'One gone forth will take it' is medium. One who takes one given by being placed at his feet [by a bhikkhu] is mild.

Tesu yassa kassaci attano ruciyā gihidinnakaṃ sāditakkhaṇe dhutaṅgaṃ bhijjati. Ayamettha bhedo.


Ñ: The moment any one of these of his own choice or inclination agrees to [accept] a robe given by a householder, his ascetic practice is broken. This is the breach in this instance.

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