Visuddhimagga II-32

Pabhedato pana ayampi tividho hoti. Tattha ukkaṭṭho purato āhaṭabhikkhampi pacchato āhaṭabhikkhampi paṭikkamanaṃ āharitvā diyyamānampi na gaṇhati, pattadvāre pana pattaṃ vissajjeti. Imasmiñhi dhutaṅge mahākassapattherena sadiso nāma natthi. Tassapi pattavissaṭṭhaṭṭhānameva paññāyati.


Ñ(II,32): This too has three grades. Herein, one who is strict does not take alms brought from before or brought from behind or brought to the refectory and given there. He hands over his bowl at a door, however, for in this ascetic practice there is none equal to the Elder Mahā Kassapa, yet an instance in which even he handed over his bowl is mentioned (see Ud. 29).

Majjhimo purato vā pacchato vā āhaṭampi paṭikkamanaṃ āhaṭampi gaṇhati, pattadvārepi pattaṃ vissajjeti, na pana bhikkhaṃ āgamayamāno nisīdati. Evaṃ so ukkaṭṭhapiṇḍapātikassa anulometi.


Ñ: The medium one takes what is brought from before and from behind and what is brought to the refectory, and he hands over his bowl at a door. But he does not sit waiting for alms. Thus he conforms to the rule of the strict alms-food eater.

Muduko taṃ divasaṃ nisīditvā āgameti.


Ñ: The mild one sits waiting [for alms to be brought] that day.

Imesaṃ pana tiṇṇampi loluppacāre uppannamatte dhutaṅgaṃ bhijjati. Ayamettha bhedo.


Ñ: The ascetic practice of these three is broken as soon as the greedy alms round starts [by going only to the houses where good alms food is given]. This is the breach in this instance.

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