Visuddhimagga II-38

Ekāsanabhojane rataṃ,

Na yatiṃ bhojanapaccayā rujā;

Visahanti rase alolupo,

Parihāpeti na kammamattano.



Ñ(II,38): No illness due to eating shall he feel

Who gladly in one session takes his meal;

No longing to indulge his sense of taste

Tempts him to leave his work to go to waste.

Iti phāsuvihārakāraṇe,


Janayetha visuddhamānaso,

Ratimekāsanabhojane yatīti.



Ñ: His own true happiness a monk may find

In eating in one session, pure in mind.

Purity and effacement wait on this;

For it gives reason to abide in bliss.

Ayaṃ ekāsanikaṅge samādānavidhānappabhedabhedānisaṃsavaṇṇanā.


Ñ: This is the commentary on the undertaking, directions, grades, breach, and benefits, in the case of the one-sessioner's practice. [70]

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