Visuddhimagga II-5

Bhikkhāsaṅkhātānaṃ pana āmisapiṇḍānaṃ pātoti piṇḍapāto, parehi dinnānaṃ piṇḍānaṃ patte nipatananti vuttaṃ hoti.


Ñ(II,5): iii. The dropping (pāta) of the lumps (piṇḍa) of material sustenance (āmisa) called alms (bhikkhā) is 'alms food' (piṇḍapāta); the falling (nipatana) into the bowl of lumps (piṇḍa) given by others, is what is meant.

Taṃ piṇḍapātaṃ uñchati taṃ taṃ kulaṃ upasaṅkamanto gavesatīti piṇḍapātiko.


Ñ: He gleans that alms food (that falling of lumps), he seeks it by approaching such and such a family, thus he is called an 'alms-food [eat-]er' (piṇḍapātika).

Piṇḍāya vā patituṃ vatametassāti piṇḍapātī, patitunti carituṃ, piṇḍapātī eva piṇḍapātiko. Piṇḍapātikassa aṅgaṃ piṇḍapātikaṅgaṃ.


Ñ: Or his vow is to gather (patituṃ) the lump (piṇḍa), thus he is a 'lump-gatherer' (piṇḍapātin). To 'gather' is to wander for. A 'lump-gatherer' (piṇḍapātin) is the same as an 'alms-food-eater' (piṇḍapātika). The practice of the alms-food-eater is the 'alms-food-eater's practice'.

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