Visuddhimagga II-59

Vaṇṇito buddhaseṭṭhena, nissayoti ca bhāsito;

Nivāso pavivittassa, rukkhamūlasamo kuto.



Ñ(II,59): The Blessed One praised roots of trees

As one of the dependencies (Vin.i,58);

Can he that loves secludedness

Find such another dwelling place?

Āvāsamaccherahare, devatā paripālite;

Pavivitte vasanto hi, rukkhamūlamhi subbato.



Ñ: Secluded at the roots of trees

And guarded well by deities

He lives in true devotedness

Nor covets any dwelling place. [75]

Abhirattāni nīlāni, paṇḍūni patitāni ca;

Passanto tarupaṇṇāni, niccasaññaṃ panūdati.

[PTS 075] 看见树叶深红青绿黄色而降落,


Ñ: And when the tender leaves are seen

Bright red at first, then turning green,

And then to yellow as they fall,

He sheds belief once and for all

Tasmā hi buddhadāyajjaṃ, bhāvanābhiratālayaṃ;

Vivittaṃ nātimaññeyya, rukkhamūlaṃ vicakkhaṇoti.



Ñ: In permanence. Tree roots have been

Bequeathed[bɪˈkwi:ð, -ˈkwi:θ] by him; secluded scene

No wise man will disdain at all

For contemplating [rise and fall].

Ayaṃ rukkhamūlikaṅge samādānavidhānappabhedabhedānisaṃsavaṇṇanā.


Ñ: This is the commentary on the undertaking, directions, grades, breach, and benefits, in the case of the tree-root-dweller's practice.

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