Visuddhimagga VIII-70

Aparāpi upamā –


Ñ(VIII,70): There is another simile too.

yathā nāma piṇḍapātiko bhikkhu dvattiṃsakulaṃ gāmaṃ upanissāya vasanto paṭhamageheyeva dve bhikkhā labhitvā parato ekaṃ vissajjeyya.


Ñ: Suppose an alms-food-eater bhikkhu went to live near a village of thirty-two families, and when he got two lots of alms at the first house he left out one [house] beyond it,

Punadivase tisso labhitvā parato dve vissajjeyya.


Ñ: and next day, when he got three lots of [alms at the first house] he left out two [houses] beyond it,

Tatiyadivase ādimhiyeva pattapūraṃ labhitvā āsanasālaṃ gantvā paribhuñjeyya.


Ñ: and on the third day he got his bowl full at the first [house], and went to the sitting hall and ate—

Evaṃsampadamidaṃ daṭṭhabbaṃ.


Ñ: so it is with this.

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