Visuddhimagga VIII-56

Evaṃ kālasataṃ kālasahassaṃ kālasatasahassampi vācāya sajjhāyo kātabbo.


Ñ(VIII,56): The recitation should be done verbally in this way a hundred times, a thousand times, even a hundred thousand times.

Vacasā sajjhāyena hi kammaṭṭhānatanti paguṇā hoti,


Ñ: For it is through verbal recitation that the meditation subject becomes familiar,

na ito cito ca cittaṃ vidhāvati.


Ñ: and the mind being thus prevented from running here and there,

Koṭṭhāsā pākaṭā honti, hatthasaṅkhalikā viya vatipādapanti viya ca khāyanti.


Ñ: the parts become evident and seem like [the fingers of] a pair of clasped hands, like a row of fence posts.

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