Visuddhimagga VIII-62

Tattha anupubbatoti idañhi sajjhāyakaraṇato paṭṭhāya anupaṭipāṭiyā manasikātabbaṃ, na ekantarikāya.

1)「以次第」──于此(三十二分身),自读诵以后,[PTS 244] 当次第的作意,不要跳一个的作意。

Ñ(VIII,62): 1. Herein, as to following the order: from the time of beginning the recitation [244] attention should be given following the serial order without skipping.

Ekantarikāya hi manasikaronto yathā nāma akusalo puriso dvattiṃsapadaṃ nisseṇiṃ ekantarikāya ārohanto kilantakāyo patati, na ārohanaṃ sampādeti, evameva bhāvanāsampattivasena adhigantabbassa assādassa anadhigamā kilantacitto patati, na bhāvanaṃ sampādeti.


Ñ: For just as when someone who has no skill climbs a thirty-two-rung ladder using every other step, his body gets exhausted and he falls without completing the climb, so too, one who gives it attention skipping [parts] becomes exhausted in his mind and does not complete the development since he fails to get the satisfaction that ought to be got with successful development.

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