Visuddhimagga VIII-61

181. Evaṃ sattadhā uggahakosallaṃ ācikkhitvā anupubbato, nātisīghato, nātisaṇikato, vikkhepapaṭibāhanato, paṇṇattisamatikkamanato, anupubbamuñcanato, appanāto, tayo ca suttantāti evaṃ dasadhā manasikārakosallaṃ ācikkhitabbaṃ.


[The Tenfold Skill in Giving Attention]

Ñ(VIII,61): Having thus told the sevenfold skill in learning, he should tell the tenfold skill in giving attention as follows: (1) as to following the order, (2) not too quickly, (3) not too slowly (4) as to warding off distraction, (5) as to surmounting the concept, (6) as to successive leaving, (7) as to absorption, (8)-(10) as to the three suttantas.

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