Visuddhimagga VIII-67

Anupubbamuñcanatoti yo yo koṭṭhāso na upaṭṭhāti, taṃ taṃ muñcantena anupubbamuñcanato manasikātabbaṃ.


Ñ(VIII,67): 6. As to successive leaving: in giving his attention he should eventually leave out any [parts] that do not appear to him.

Ādikammikassa hi kesāti manasikaroto manasikāro gantvā muttanti imaṃ pariyosānakoṭṭhāsameva āhacca tiṭṭhati.


Ñ: For when a beginner gives his attention to head hairs, his attention then carries on till it arrives at the last part, that is, urine and stops there;

Muttanti ca manasikaroto manasikāro gantvā kesāti imaṃ ādikoṭṭhāsameva āhacca tiṭṭhati.


Ñ: and when he gives his attention to urine, his attention then carries on till it arrives back at the first part, that is, head hairs, and stops there.

Athassa manasikaroto manasikaroto keci koṭṭhāsā upaṭṭhahanti, keci na upaṭṭhahanti.


Ñ: As he persists in giving his attention thus, some parts appear to him and others do not.

Tena ye ye upaṭṭhahanti, tesu tesu tāva kammaṃ kātabbaṃ. Yāva dvīsu upaṭṭhitesu tesampi eko suṭṭhutaraṃ upaṭṭhahati,


Ñ: Then he should work on those that have appeared till one out of any two appears the clearer.

evaṃ upaṭṭhitaṃ pana tameva punappunaṃ manasikarontena appanā uppādetabbā.


Ñ: He should arouse absorption by again and again giving attention to the one that has appeared thus.

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