Visuddhimagga VIII-20

Kathaṃ iddhimahattato?


Ñ(VIII,20): How by comparison with those of great supernormal power?

Pādaṅguṭṭhakamattena, vejayantamakampayi;

Yo nāmiddhimataṃ seṭṭho, dutiyo aggasāvako.

Sopi maccumukhaṃ ghoraṃ, migo sīhamukhaṃ viya;

Paviṭṭho saha iddhīhi, mādisesu kathāva kāti.







Ñ: The second of the chief disciples,

The foremost in miraculous powers,

Who with the point of his great toe

Did rock Vejayanta's Palace towers,

Like a deer in a lion's jaw, he too,

Despite miraculous potency,

Fell in the dreadful jaws of death;

What can be said of those like me?

Evaṃ iddhimahattato anussaritabbaṃ.


Ñ: It should be recollected in this way by comparison with those of great supernormal power.

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