Visuddhimagga VIII-21

Kathaṃ paññāmahattato?


Ñ(VIII,21): How by comparison with those of great understanding? [234]

Lokanāthaṃ ṭhapetvāna, ye caññe atthi pāṇino;

Paññāya sāriputtassa, kalaṃ nāgghanti soḷasiṃ.

Evaṃ paññāmahattato anussaritabbaṃ.

Evaṃ nāma mahāpañño, paṭhamo aggasāvako;

Maraṇassa vasaṃ patto, mādisesu kathāva kāti.

[PTS 234] 除了世主之外,







Ñ: The first of the two chief disciples

Did so excel in wisdom's art

That, save the Helper of the World,

No being is worth his sixteenth part.

But though so great was Sāriputta's

Understanding faculty,

He fell into death's power too;

What can be said of those like me?

It should be recollected in this way by comparison with those of great understanding.

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