Visuddhimagga VIII-24

Tassevaṃ yasamahattatādisampannehi parehi saddhiṃ maraṇasāmaññatāya attānaṃ upasaṃharitvā tesaṃ viya sattavisesānaṃ mayhampi maraṇaṃ bhavissatīti anussarato upacārappattaṃ kammaṭṭhānaṃ hotīti.


Ñ(VIII,24): When he does his recollecting in this way by comparing himself with others possessed of such great fame, etc., in the light of the universality of death, thinking 'Death will come to me even as it did to those distinguished beings', then his meditation subject reaches access.

Evaṃ upasaṃharaṇato maraṇaṃ anussaritabbaṃ.

当如是自他比较而念死。[PTS 235]

Ñ: This is how death should be recollected by comparison. [235]

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