Visuddhimagga VIII-29

174. Animittatoti avavatthānato,


Ñ(VIII,29): 6. As signless: as indefinable.

paricchedābhāvatoti attho.


Ñ: The meaning is that it is unpredictable.

Sattānaṃ hi –


Ñ: For in the case of all beings:

Jīvitaṃ byādhi kālo ca, dehanikkhepanaṃ gati;

Pañcete jīvalokasmiṃ, animittā na nāyare.





Ñ: The span, the sickness, and the time, and where

The body will be laid, the destiny:

The living world can never know these things;

There is no sign foretells when they will be.

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