Visuddhimagga VIII-30

Tattha jīvitaṃ tāva ‘‘ettakameva jīvitabbaṃ, na ito para’’nti vavatthānābhāvato animittaṃ.


Ñ(VIII,30): Herein, firstly the span has no sign because there is no definition such as: Just so much must be lived, no more then that.

Kalalakālepi hi sattā maranti, abbudapesighanamāsikadvemāsatemāsacatumāsapañcamāsadasamāsakālepi. Kucchito nikkhantasamayepi. Tato paraṃ vassasatassa antopi bahipi marantiyeva.


Ñ: For beings [die in the various stages of the embryo, namely], at the time of the kalala, of the abbuda, of the pesi, of the ghana, at one month gone, two months gone, three months gone, four months gone, five months gone ... ten months gone, and on the occasion of coming out of the womb. And after that they die this side or the other of the century.

Notes in Chinese translation : 羯罗蓝(kalala)译为凝滑,即父母的两精结合,受胎之后第一周的状态。頞部昙(abbuda)译为胞,受胎后第二周的状态。闭尸(pesi)译为血肉或凝结,受胎后第三周的状态,键南(ghana)译为坚肉,受胎后第四周的状态。

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