Visuddhimagga VIII-33

Dehanikkhepanampi ‘‘idheva mīyamānānaṃ dehena patitabbaṃ, nāññatrā’’ti evaṃ vavatthānābhāvato animittaṃ.


Ñ(VIII,33): And where the body will be laid down has no sign because there is no definition such as: When people die, they must drop their bodies only here, not anywhere else.

Antogāme jātānaṃ hi bahigāmepi attabhāvo patati.


Ñ: For the person of those born inside a village is dropped outside the village,

Bahigāme jātānampi antogāme.


Ñ: and that of those born outside the village is dropped inside it.

Tathā thalajānaṃ vā jale, jalajānaṃ vā thaleti anekappakārato vitthāretabbaṃ.

或者陆生者的身体可倒在水中,水生者倒在陆上等等的多种可能。[PTS 237]

Ñ: Likewise that of those born in water is dropped on land, and that of those born on land in water. And this can be multiplied in many ways. [237]

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