Visuddhimagga VIII-43

Tattha yasmā iriyāpathapabbaṃ catusampajaññapabbaṃ dhātumanasikārapabbanti imāni tīṇi vipassanāvasena vuttāni.


Ñ(VIII,43): Herein, the three, that is to say, the sections on postures, on the four kinds of full awareness (see MA.i,253f.), and on attention directed to elements, as they are stated [in that sutta], deal with insight.

Nava sivathikapabbāni vipassanāñāṇesuyeva ādīnavānupassanāvasena vuttāni.


Ñ: Then the nine sections on the charnel-ground contemplations, as stated there, deal with that particular phase of insight knowledge called contemplation of danger.

Yāpi cettha uddhumātakādīsu samādhibhāvanā ijjheyya, sā asubhaniddese pakāsitāyeva.


Ñ: And any development of concentration in the bloated, etc., that might be implied there has already been explained in the Description of Foulness (Ch. VI).

Ānāpānapabbaṃ pana paṭikkūlamanasikārapabbañca imānevettha dve samādhivasena vuttāni.


Ñ: So there are only the two, that is, the sections on breathing and on directing attention to repulsiveness, that, as stated there, deal with concentration.

Tesu ānāpānapabbaṃ ānāpānassativasena visuṃ kammaṭṭhānaṃyeva.


Ñ: Of these two, the section on breathing is a separate meditation subject, namely, mindfulness of breathing.

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