Visuddhimagga VIII-45

179. Tatthāyaṃ pāḷivaṇṇanāpubbaṅgamo bhāvanāniddeso.


Ñ(VIII,45): Here is the description of the development introduced by a commentary on the text.

Imameva kāyanti imaṃ catumahābhūtikaṃ pūtikāyaṃ.


[Word Commentary]

This body: this filthy body constructed out of the four primary elements.

Uddhaṃ pādatalāti pādatalato upari.


Ñ: Up from the soles of the feet: from the soles of the feet upwards.

Adho kesamatthakāti kesaggato heṭṭhā.


Ñ: Down from the top of the hair: from the highest part of the hair downwards.

Tacapariyantanti tiriyaṃ tacaparicchinnaṃ.


Ñ: Contained in the skin: terminated all round by the skin.

Pūraṃ nānappakārassa asucino paccavekkhatīti nānappakārakesādiasucibharito ayaṃ kāyoti passati.

「观察充满种种的不净」[PTS 241] 是观见此身充满着种种发等的不净。

Ñ: Reviews ... as full of many kinds of filth: [241] he sees that this body is packed with the filth of various kinds beginning with head hairs.



Ñ: How?

Atthi imasmiṃ kāye kesā…pe… muttanti.


Ñ: 'In this body there are head hairs ... urine'.

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